Renewable Energy solutions

Solar PV Installations

Once your day-to-day costs are under control, you can start thinking about long term renewable savings.

Renewable Energy solutions

Solar PV Installations

Once your day-to-day costs are under control, you can start thinking about long term renewable savings.

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Solar PV Installations

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If you want to make further savings on your energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint, we can advise how to get started. 

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Our partners

ReduceCosts has helped us over the last several years, to get the best possible deal, annually, on our electricity and gas supplies for Forum Waterford.

They also, a couple of years ago, set us up for taking credit/debit card payments, with a really great deal for usage charges and now our customers are increasingly using the facility.

In January 2022, after being advised we might like to do so by ReduceCosts, we decided to install solar panels on our roof and they arranged for it to be done for us. We were grant approved and up and running, producing our own electricity, incredibly, by that summer and we have reaped the rewards ever since, especially as the price of energy rocketed just then.

Our business has saved many thousands of euros with ReduceCosts help and I would unhesitatingly recommend them to other businesses, as it is better you have the savings yourself than the utility companies making even more profit!

Working with ReduceCosts is a very painless process to get the best deal going at the time and basically you just have to sign on the bottom line, after they have gone through the options with you and they take care of everything else.

Ciaran O'Neill, Managing Director, Forum Waterford

Swedencare Ireland has been working with ReduceCosts for 10-plus years now.

During this time the service ReduceCosts provides has saved us both time and money.

Their process is efficient and friendly and they make it easy to make an informed decision.

We have saved on Electricity and Gas supply tariffs and on credit card terminals and most recently they assisted us with beginning our Solar PV installation.

I have no hesitation in recommending ReduceCosts to other businesses.

John Sweeney ACMA, CGMA, Company Accountant,

SwedenCare Ireland

“Agora Publishing Ireland has been working with ReduceCosts since the beginning of 2023.

Claire has provided effective and efficient recommendations to suit our business needs and no question goes unanswered.

We have managed to save on all Energy costs seamlessly. We look forward to continuing working with Reduce Costs and would highly recommend them to any business looking to minimize energy costs”.

Margaret Ann Morrissey

Facilities Manager

Agora Publishing Ireland

Green Acres and Franks Place have used the services of Reduce Costs for the past 5 years.

Reduce Costs offers a service that provides information on cost savings relating to energy, money transactions and various other overheads.

The advice given is clear and concise, and it has reduced some of our business overheads dramatically.

We are happy to recommend Reduce Costs.

Julie Barlow



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